Susanne Hauser (born 1946) lives in Weesen and has been dealing with painting since the 80s.  Since 1990 , her works have regularly appeared in solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad. 

Galleries and institutions in Zurich, Venice, Lugano, St. Moritz, Cologne, New York and Philadelphia have shown works from different creative periods. The Kunsthäuser in Glarus, the Swiss Institute in New York and the Kunstverein Freiburg iBr are among the institutions that have already shown their work. National and international art fairs, with gallery representations, showed paintings and collages. 

In 2004 Susanne Hauser won the "Focus Prize" of the Glarner Kunstverein. 2006followed by a solo exhibition with a catalog at the Kunsthaus Glarus and the biography "Painting by Passion" by Gellius. In 2003  , Susanne Hauser won the first prize for graphics for the Olympics in Athens, with exhibitions at the Olympic Museum and Athens. 

Since 2009 Susanne Hauser concentrates on drawing. In 2011 she was invited to the group exhibition "(Re) Constructed" - Memorial Exhibition for the 150th anniversary of Glarus, in Kunsthaus Glarus. The works shown were themed "constructive destruction". They showed that there is creative potential in the destruction. This with the example of the fire, which has led to a visionary urban development.


2012 Susanne Hauser has been invited to the Biennale in Dublin. The juried exhibition shows works by 23 artists from 50 countries. The theme of the exhibited installation is "planets .... we are not alone" and reminds of the necessary modesty of people and the unimaginable power of the universe.
2012: winning the Murano Prizes with 2 planetary images; Research and development for innovative glass design with the exhibition of 2 sculptures from 25.8.12 to 16.9.12 at the Chiesa di Santa Maria della Misericordia in Venice 

2013:Inauguration at the Design Week in Florence from May 20 to 26, 2013, participation in the sculpture exhibition in the Villa Engi and group exhibition "Glarner Kunstschaffende" in the Kunsthaus Glarus with a group of works "fairy tales, myths, dreams". Opening of the own Schaulager "Susanne Hauser" with sporadic, thematic exhibitions. Start on 14.12.13 with "Flowers in Love" in memory of the many disadvantaged in society. Focus: The workers in the textile industry, the asbestos victims and the Verdingkinder. 

2014:The focus is on your own Schaulager. Sporadic thematic exhibitions are held. The first opening shows the theme "The grass is growing." It is about the symbolism of the grasses, which make up about 20% of the fauna. They stand for the sensitivity and the sense for changes in our world. Exhibition in the Kunstraum Aarau "No Systems" from 10 to 22/08/14. Exhibition in the sculpture garden Villa Engi from 15.6. until 18.10. Exhibition at the Kunst (zeug) house, Rapperswil from 30.11.14 to 8.2.15.

In my abstract work, I am interested in how geometric and organic shapes exist on a continuum and how they complement or oppose one another. This dialogue between unplanned gestural raw movement and a decisive line or geometric shape is a fascinating dance.

To enrich this tactile experience, both in my Abstract and Interactive, I explore crackle paste and a variety of textural elements. I incorporate various mediums such as wood, mix media and metal, and the use of words.

To me, this slow, tumultuous and magical process of realizing an image, this embrace with life and its mysteries always connects me to Henry Miller’s words….“To paint is to love again”.


2015: Solo exhibition at Museum Bickel; 27.9.15 to 29.11.15 - "Dialogues with Time and Infinity" - The Museum Bickel has published a monograph on the graphic work of the last 7 years. 2016:juried group exhibition at the Kunsthaus Glarus: Kunstschaffen Extraordinary - New Glarus - a thematic exhibition on the emigration of the Glarus around 1850 to the USA. My Wekrgruppe: Over the Ocean. The exhibition lasts from 6.12.15 to 24.1.16  2017: Kunsthaus Glarus; Collection of purchased works - Networks 2000 

2018: Kunsthaus Glarus: Empty Spaces Looking for Dreams - Renovation of the Kunsthaus 2018  Art Master for "Green Planets" at the Museum of Arts and Design, New York, April 2018 All previous exhibitions have catalogs. In 2012, Susanne Hauser illustrated the book "Innovation Management", published by Peter Lang, with drawings that represent the principle of creative power. In 2013, the app "Fridas, on the social role of women" appears at In memory of Frida Kahlo, the mexican artist. 2014 contribution in the Art Prizebook of the Arte Laguna, Vendedig. Works by Susanne Hauser can be found in numerous corporate and private collections. 

Susanne Hauser, born 1946, lives in Weesen, Switzerland. Since the 80 she works as an artist - first in the field of painting. Since 1990, works are regularly seen in solo and group shows in Switzerland and abroad. Since 1990 I make sketches and collages on socio political topics. Before my career as an artist I am a teacher and my teacher abilities at the "Opera House in Zurich" in scenography.

Galleries and institutions in Zurich, Venice, Lugano, St. Moritz, Cologne, New York, Philadelphia showed her paintings from different periods. The Art Museum in Glarus, Switzerland, the Swiss Institute in New York and the Art Museum in Freiburg, Germany, belong to the institutions who showed their works. National and International Art Fairs, with gallery representations, presented paintings and collages.


2004Susanne Hauser won the "Focus Price" at the Art Museum Glarus. 2006 she had a solo show with catalog in Glarus, followed by the biography "painting with passion" by Gellius. 2003 Susanne won the first prize for graphics at the Olympic Games in Athens, followed by exhibits at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne and in Athens.

Since 2009 Susanne Hauser produces drawings. 2011 she was invited to the commemorative exhibition "Glarus City burned 150 years ago" - The motto of her drawings in this international exhibition which is "constructive destruction". She showed the high potential in destruction and the contribution to the development of a visionary city.

2012Susanne Hauser is invited to the Dublin Biennial where she works on the motto: "planets .... we are not alone". It is a memory of the necessary modesty of human beeings and the unimaginal power of the universe.
2012 Susanne wins the Murano Award for research and experimentation in innovative art and glass design, folllowed by the exhibition of sculptures and plates at Santa Maria della Misericordia, Venice from 08.25.12 till 09.16.12  

2013: Invitation to the Florence Design Week from 20.-26.5.2013, sculpture show in the garden "villa Engi" and Artist form the canton of Glarus at the Museum of Glarus with: tales, myths and dreams - a forgotten language (Erich Fromm)

2014: Exhibition in the art-room in Aarau, Switzerland and in the art museum "Kunst (zeug) haus in Rapperswil, Switzerland with the workgroup " Silk "

2015: Solo show in the museumbickel, Switzerland with the monograph" Dialogues between time and infinity ", published by the museumbickel

2016:   Juried group show in the Art Museum of Glarus, Switzerland: New Glarus - the exhibition on the theme of emigration in 1850 after the US. My contribution is the topic" Over the Ocean "- 6th of December until 24th of January 2016

2017: Art Museum of Glarus, Switzerland - Presentation of the Collection - my work "networks" is presented

2018: Art Museum of Glarus: The museum is rebuilt 2018 - "Emty Rooms are looking for Dreams "
Art Master for "Green Planets" at the Museum of Arts and Design, New York, April 2018

To all of the exhibitions arised catalogues. 2012 Susanne Hauser illustrated in the book "Innovation Management", published by Peter Lang, Berne, the principals of creativity. 2013 the app "Fridas, the social role of women" is published by memory of Frida Kahlo, the Mexican artist.You find a lot of works in national and international private and public collections.2015: Illustration of the Yearbook for Creativity, Society for Creativity in Germany.

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