Artist who lives and works in Sweden.

Mainly producing vibrant compositions based on several technical layers. Her obsession to explore, question and challenge the conservative boundaries of “artistic lines” through spiritual and powerful color integration makes up her very own and unique line of spiritual abstract composition.

An accomplished artist, her work has evolved towards a pure, very powerful and spiritual use of colors and layers upon layers of integrated techniques. This results in, and explores a unique balance between complementary and contrasting form, color and space.


Her influences mainly include the Baroque era, due to the movements, the Romantic period, due to the spiritual and emotional aspects, and Cubism due to edging lines which very often influences and outlines her creations. At the same time being an educated and experienced sculpturist, makes her urge and search for ways to fuse intercategorial styles into her works as well.

According to Selda “most modern abstract art is essentially random and chaotic in nature. But what I am striving for is to boil down the random madness and channel it through “my vision” of inspirational high roads aiming to present depth, movement and powerful feelings and to minimize the random parts through use of well thought layers of inspirational techniques.

Selda having exhibited her work in many major European cities through galleries, museums and artistic centers across the continent has made her aware of the fact, that art is about a lot of variables but the most important one, is the be truth to who You are and what You want, with no regard to fame and fortune.

“Creating these paintings is all I ever wanted and all I ever strived for in life and each and everyone gives me immense pleasure and is done with the deepest sincerity and that’s actually all I can ask for”.


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