I paint the world in which I want to live. 

From the microcosm of the flower new, three dimensional, baroque and ecstatic formations which escape from the ma- terial world emerge. These free themselves from the past and the future and exist in an infinite room in the present time.

Full with being or empty from everything. I create a euphoric image of cosmic strctures, in which a limitless existence of the center of light emerges. A creator emerges from a sea of time and creates an infinite moment which has neither a beginning nor an end and no rhythm of day and night.


In the aspects of our world there are many time and reality levels. These are combined in a harmonic way and interwoven in each other to create a consruct of floral landscape formations which arise from the microcosm.
Using that I want to unravel a mysterious or at least unusual new worlds. To the beholder, a new microoscopic view of abstracting flower formations. Despite the flower being still subtlely recognizable, surreal worlds, fantastic landscapes, and three dimensional realisations are obtained through several color layers, light-dark contrast, and diverse detailed de- velopments. 

Conventional viewing patterns are thus questioned as the focus of the beholder is diverted from the flower itself. Conventional essence of being is left to diverge in a mysterious world. 

Solo Exhibitions (Selection) 

2011 Art Gallery Vera Lindbeck, Isernhagen 

2013 Art Society Anfang, Cologne 

2014 Permanent Exhibition in the Secretaria of the Art Academy Kunstakademie Düsseldorf 

2015 Transfer Partners, Düsseldorf Fonis Galerie, Düsseldorf 

2017 Artificial Nature, Galerie Schloss Neersen, Neersen (Nersen Castle)
Die Wälder von Tranzelot, Art in Business, Greisbach, Düsseldorf 

Group Exhibitions (Selection) 

2000 Schwarzes Kloster, Freiburg 

2004  Art Exchange Program, Scholarship for five months residence in Dalian, China

2005  Stadtgalerie Wien, Malstrom, University of Applied Arts, Vienna

2006  Anorak, Performativity goes Wien

2012  von Rundstedt Kunstförderpreis, Wasserburg, Ratingen

2013  Abstrakt, Galerie Michael Nolte“ Münster
Abstrakt, Galerie Simon Nolte, Porto Colomn, Mallorca, Spain
Kulturbahnhof Eller, Class of Herbert Brandl, Düsseldorf
Kunsthaus Mettmann, Mettman
Werft 77, Reisholz, Class of Herbert Brandl, Düsseldorf


2014  Art-Loft Sum 14, curated by Marvin Gronen, Düsseldorf Art Insbruck, Galerie Vera Lindbeck, Insbruck, Austria New Aspects of Contemporary Art, Galerie Michael Nolte, Münster ernst & young, Auction Museum K20, Düsseldorf

2015  Kunsthaus Binhold, Cologne NRW Bank, Class of Herbert Brandl,Junge Kunst NRW (Young Art NRW), Düsseldorf Galerie Gecko, Solingen Lionsclub, Meerbusch Spectrum, Gallery Art Moves, Ratingen Fonis Galerie, Düsseldorf Hugan Lovells Kunstförderpreis, Düsseldorf

2016  Die Ausstellung zum Rundgang 2016 with Meral Alma, Düsseldorf Düsseldorf Photo Weekend, von fraunberg Art Gallery Fifty Fifty Galerie, Hubert Ostendorfer, Düsseldorf Kunsthaus Binhold, Cologne Kunsthaus Mettmann, Mettmann May Fourth Square, Town Hall Vienna, Exhibition Event with a delegatin of Chinese Politicians, Vienna, Austria Kunstverein Quirin Bank, Düsseldorf Art After Work, Kunstakademie Gallery,Düsseldorf Taylor Wessing, von fraunberg art gallery, Düsseldorf Kunst 16 Zürich, von fraunberg art gallery, Zurich, Switzerland Contemporary Art Ruhr, Essen, Germany Kunsthaus Binhold, Cologne Now U See It’s Xmas Season, von fraunberg art gallery


2017  Enter Art Foundation, Berlin
Kunstevent Quirinbank, Von fraunberg art gallery
The Lake-Blue Heaven Qingdao International Spring Art Salon, Qingdao, China
Kölner Liste, Gallery Art Moves, Cologne
Taylor Wessing, von fraunberg art gallery
Kunsthaus Binhold, Cologne
Discover As On A Journey, von fraunberg art gallery
Noch Neuere Neue Malerei, Kunstverein Quirinbank,
Exhibition for the Oberkasseler Opernball, Art Cube, Düsseldorf
Benefizaktion Heartbreaker, Museum K21, Düsseldorf (Charity Auction)
ART CAROUSEL,  Düsseldorf
All In, von fraunberg art gallery 

2018 Resident Artist at Elisabeth von Samsonow, Vienna, Austria
Galerie Nolte in Münster (Germany) and Porto Colomn, Mallorca, Spain
Kunsthaus Binhold, Cologne
Atelierbesuch (Atelier visit), Gallery Art Moves, Ratingen
Galerie Erica Jugler Hahn, Düsseldorf
Forte Contrasto, Gallery Art Moves, Ratingen Schwanenmarkt, von fraunberg art gallery, Düsseldorf   

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