Born in Riga, Latvia, Maya Vinokurov is now based in Toronto, Canada. She completed her Art studies at the Academy of Fine Art in Riga and George Brown College, Toronto. 

She has taught art for over ten years and continues to do so at various community centers as well as her own Art Studio 2000. 

“My interest in drawing, painting, and designing began at a very early age. My paintings convey a feeling of harmony between nature and humanity, featuring a dab of art deco, a dash of the surreal, and a touch of aboriginal charm.” – Maya Vinokurov

Vinokurov produces work in a variety of media including pencils, oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolor and encaustic and enjoys working in an Art Deco style while also experimenting with a variety of techniques. 

She was recently awarded the Ley Dan Award 2016 and exhibited with THE ARTBOX, PROJECT Miami 1.0 in Miami, Florida and THE ARTBOX.GALLERY, in Switzerland. Vinokurov has exhibited at Agora Gallery, New York, BOLA, Brazil and more.

" My objective is to continue working in my own contemporary style, combined with techniques of the old masters-in an expression of optimism, joy and serenity."

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