As far as for the conceptual and formal purposes, the urban city of San Jose, Costa Rica and its transformations as a testament of time elapsed, become an enhancer of ideas in order to complete a pictorial reflection viewed upon from change and deterioration. What results interesting for the design proposal is the urban context as a study matter, in which its exterior generates appearances that become resources for technical pictorial experimentation. These perceptions, that are generated within the city, are represented and isolated in pictorial format that reminisce deterioration. 


When intervening these types of deteriorated images on the canvas, it becomes proof of those places forgotten by deterioration and without a sense of belonging, thus exposing the images to the public that once ignored them. None the less, when the semantics are changed and when they are given new tangible qualities that stimulate the senses, a new bond is created with the spectator when the person recognizes that they are an inhabitant of that place and ultimately promoting memory activation. Those “human prints” caused by deterioration are capable of linking a collective memory with an interest for the past, generating a reflective and nostalgic look towards those deteriorated spaces. As such, a socialization is created towards the deterioration as a print of memories through urban textures.

- Group Exhibitions, Concurso Nuevos Valores Pebeo, Alianza francesa, 2008

- Group Exhibitions, 1+1=UNA Galería Alternativa, 2009

- Group Exhibitions, Edificio de filosofía y letras Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, 2009

- Group Exhibitions, COSTA RICA SIN-CRONICA, Casa de la cultura Heredia, 2010

- Group Exhibitions, Galería Espacios para Soñar Fundación Hábitat Urbano, 2011

- Group Exhibitions, Abierto Nacional de Pintura Casa de Cuño Antigua Aduana, 2012

- Group Exhibitions, Propuestas Galería Lola Fernández, CIDEA, EACV Universidad Nacional, 2012

- Group Exhibitions, Valoarte Edición X, Avenida Escazú, 2012.

- Solo Exhibitions, Metáforas Urbanas, Texturas de la Materia, Alianza francesa, 2013


- Group Exhibitions, Agora Gallery Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, N.Y, 2014.

- Group Exhibitions, Valoarte Edición XI, Avenida Escazú, 2014

- Group Exhibitions, Galeria Fabula Urbis, Lisboa, Portugal. 2015

- Group Exhibitions, Galería 3+ arte, Portugal. 2015

- Group Exhibitions, MARTE, Museo de Arte de El Salvador. 2015

- Group Exhibitions, XIV Exposición de Pintores Hispanoamericanos. 2016 NJ, Union City, USA

- Group Exhibitions, Bohemian nights along the Hudson. New York NJ. 2016

- Group Exhibitions, Lano Bienal, Galeria Kroma Arte Contemporáneo, 2016 Costa Rica

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