Irina Goryunova, Russian artist, b. 1979, Moscow, Russia 

Irina graduated from the Financial Academy, but later she devoted her life to painting. 

She works in an abstract style. 

Irina's works are exhibited in galleries in Switzerland, USA, China and India. 


In her artwork she tries to achieve a deeper contact with the audience through the energy of the lines and colors, through the concentration of tension in her canvas. 

After many experiments she have created a unique technique of oil painting. She pays much attention to volume and texture of the image. 

She developed her own algorithm to deliver the key ideas, that is associated with the impact on the neural mechanisms through emotional shock. 

Irina loves to create intellectual puzzles on her canvas.
A characteristic feature of all her works is a powerful colorful palette. Irina's paintings are kept in private collections in Russia, Germany, USA. Lives and works in Moscow.



In my works I use my own unique algorithm, based on the interaction of shapes, textures and colors. This algorithm is associated with specific neural mechanisms that are triggered in the brain via emotional disturbance. It is used to deliver the key thoughts, ideas, and energy of the work to the audience. 



My goal is to make a painting become a self-sufficient entity. The entity that is able to draw out the spectator's feelings, showing the scenes which technically speaking are not on the canvas. Existing by its own rules, in its own independent reality, it evokes emotions, questions, provoke reflection. 


On my canvases I'm trying to reach the essence of abstraction - the mixture of deep, honest emotions, on the one hand, and grandiose form of distraction on the other. 


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