Irene Gravender paints pictures that are inspired by abstraction of nature. 

Puddles after the rain, melted snow, autumnal mud in the forest, reflections in the Water, blizzards, sun shining through branches or reflected in a puddle, are the ones Themes for their pictures.


Rhythm, spontaneity and emotion are at the forefront of the artistic work. The artist likes to work with watercolor, oil and ink in expressive gestures. Spatula, sticks, brushes and fingers are used. Quickly and quickly, the watercolors first emerge on the wet ground, then you can color is removed or erased by dabbing or wiping. The watercolor technique was learned by Irene Gravender from childhood in a Moscow art school. The picture carriers are made of canvas, wood and paper. Irene Gravender Wedenskaya studied in the years 1980 - 1986 drawing, painting.

Calligraphy, sculpture, illustration and book design at the University of Polygraphy and Book design (diploma) in Moscow. 

Since 1986 she works as a freelance artist, Picture book illustrator and private art teacher.

 Since 1995 she lives and works in Germany. She is co-founder of Studio community "DieKunststation" in Bonn, where she works. The artist has exhibitions in Germany, Russia, Spain, Slovakia and Italy. 

Irene Gravender is a member of the German watercolor company DAG and the BBK Bonn.


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