Huub Ragas was born in the Netherlands and he lives and works in Tilburg. He is a two dimensional artist specialised in drawings and paintings. During the last decade he exhibited his works on numerous locations in Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal and Japan. Many of his works are painted in rich colours with gouache paint on a dark background or with acrylic paint on a black canvas. In his paintings and drawings lines are important.


Art always was very important in his life ever since his childhood. His paintings show a naïve contemporary stile, always with recognisable forms. In the paintings the human environment with suburbs of non-existing cities or towns, is an important theme.


His paintings investigate and at times rediscover the suburban and natural forms, as if to look for a new harmonious path of coexistence. At times the paintings show more distorted forms and become more surrealistic reflections of reality.


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