My works are to be seen as a creative exploration of internal worlds. The points of intersection between these internal and external worlds give rise to symbols of a magic, sacred character, ciphers that allow the viewer to sense and feel more than is actually expressed. They are archaic and yet timeless, a geometry of the spirit as a reminder of chaos and cosmos. My artworks are executed in a technique which I developed myself, a truly individual technique. 

On primed and specially prepared wooden panels, pigments are bonded to each other with glue; light, lucid pigment and glue compounds with a moist, glossy finish are juxtaposed with the rough plaster background. Traces of symbols are created from the application of layers of pigment. The colors have an atmospheric quality that allows one´s gaze to relax, as if looking far into the distance. 

Large-scale areas are combined with smaller structures, with elements that appear like ciphers, almost like gestures. Lines are applied with a brush or are notched into the background with a pencil. An important feature is the smooth movement of colour sounds, shapes and bodies on the flat surface to create the three-dimensional illusion.

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