My taste for creation has always been part of me. After my studies in arts, I went to teaching, but to come back as an artist for more than 6 years.

 I have exhibited my works in several galleries in Quebec and I am presently represented by famous galleries of Old Montreal and Old Quebec. I also work with designer to make special piece for their client. I explore a lot the different mediums and styles because for me, 

Everything is learning and an evolution. I have developed a unique technique with epoxy and colored and metallic pigments, which gives a unique finish, vibrant and bright.


Moreover, the photos do not do justice to my creations given the depth and the finish of my works. I also work in mixed media, mainly acrylic. My creative process is always based on intuition and feeling. I let myself be carried by the energy and I transmit this energy in colors and movements on canvas.

My works are characterized by movement, energy, light and depth. I have a strong taste for the abstract, given the freedom that one feels there, but the women and the animals allow me to express myself also with movement and in color.

 My artistic career is evolving and in full swing. Although my art studies have given me a good artistic foundation, the rest depends only on the openness to symbiosis between mediums, canvass and feeling.

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