Most of my paintings are watercolor on Aquabord -- a special art board that allows an artist to produce works of vibrant color, seal the surface with a fixative so that the watercolor paint will never run or fade, and then hang the finished painting without glass so that the viewer can enjoy the details and colors of the painting without the barrier of glass. 

I hope you will enjoy what I call my "Travel Paintings" -- images that capture iconic places that I have traveled to;  my Landscapes and Seascapes -- images of beautiful places that exist somewhere out there.


I took up watercolor painting as a hobby after retiring from teaching English for 34 years and discovered that I had a talent for -- and alove of  -- painting! After retirement, my husband and I began to travel, and I found inspiration for my Travel paintings in the places that we visited both far and near -- Jerusalem, the Brooklyn Bridge, Amsterdam, Yosemite, the Canadian Rockies, the Southwest, and many more places. 


 I also love to paint beautiful Landscape scenes that can be found outdoors in someone's backyard and beautiful Seascapes from around the world. My goal is to capture the wonderful image that I see in my mind's eye, one that tells a clear story that something wonderful is happening in the places that I see.


In the process of creating her compelling watercolors, Brooklyn artist Brenda Ness-Cooper transforms interesting subjects and images into striking compositions, so that an ordinary landscape or scenic terrain becomes something quite extraordinary. Each image is reworked several times on watercolor paper before being transferred to Aquabord, a process that enables the artist to capture a unique degree of expressionism in the art, one in which the magical can be found in the real. 
In the end, Ness-Cooper’s paintings are meant to be so much more than just a pretty picture, as she seeks with each image to tell a story and provide the viewer a means of escape from the grind of daily life. She achieves this with a strong use of line combined with vibrant colors and an emphasis on composition and form, all of which add fantastical elements to the overall effect. As Ness-Cooper explains, “My representational paintings create magical places for my viewers to enjoy.”


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