born in Bielefeld/Germany

apprenticeship in industrial business management

1983 gained Advanced Level GCE as a mature student

1983 - 1986 studied Art History in Bonn and Saarbrücken

works as a visual artist since 1993

1997 first solo exhibition "Maison de la Sarre", Paris

1997 - 2013 further solo and group exhibitions

Edith Boge works and resides in Berlin


My work wants to communicate, to stimulate reflection, to arouse, shake up and move emotions. They do not convey accessible image solutions, but leave behind signs, traces and forms that point to an invisible reality, but give viewers plenty of room for interpretation. Above all, it is about creating an optical and emotional dialogue between the viewer and the image


 My pictures are intended to create contrasting views and to set zeitgeist thoughts in exciting perspectives. For me, painting is a source of energy, balance and necessity.

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